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A Statement About My Art, My Craft, And My Pottery

A love for the beauty of nature drew me, even at an early age, to pull from the earth all of the elements, which produce the remarkable substance called clay and drove me to explore all of its possibilities, using nature as my guide. Clay is a remarkable substance, unlike both glass and metal, once fired it can never again be reclaimed.

My work is a thoughtfully melded mélange of artistry and functionality. The pieces are fabricated from a combination of high-fired stoneware and porcelain clays. Each creation is a one of a kind, slab constructed or hand woven composition, having its own personality. The palette of my work varies from season to season utilizing both the colors and themes of nature.

It is my love of cooking, entertaining and decorating which provide the impetus for me to create beautiful platters, woven baskets and bowls that both enhance the produce of the earth and stylishly decorate the home. It follows, naturally, that all of my handmade ceramic artwork incorporates glazes that are tested food safe, may be heated in an oven from room temperature, and washed in a dishwasher.

My custom designed work, commissioned by and for the individual collector, incorporates client chosen colors, decorative themes, and lifestyle accents designed specifically for each one's home, table, garden or office.

I have the desire to create a distinctive style that will endure and be sought after by collectors who have an appreciation of its uniqueness. I have the obligation to design and provide, beautiful and functional pottery which will bring both enjoyment and service for the generations yet to come.